The flexible cutting mats are fantastic! Chop, scoop and tip into salad bowl or skillet, no mess, no fuss. The mats are easy to wash and don't retain odors. They are to be hand washed with soapy water. Please do not place them in your dishwasher. .And they look so pretty on my counter. Thanks ARTzbites!

Pat from Indianapolis, Indiana

I love the trivets! So beautiful that I store them on easels when I'm not using them for hot pots or serving plates. They brighten up my kitchen and my table. Easy to wash and hold up well to cutting.

Dana from Topeka, Kansas

The fleximats are so pretty that I use them for placemats. I bought four artichoke mats, two of the big ones and two of the baby ones. The kids love them, they make clean-up a breeze. adds a nice new flavor to my kitchen. I have lots of cutting boards, so I'm not using them for cutting, but more for food prep . . . a nice, defined space to work on.

Maria from Miami Beach, Florida

I collect mushroom serving pieces, so when I saw the mushroom trivet, I knew I had to have it. It was so beautiful, that I bought the mushroom mats for my table. Then I bought more for gifts for the kids' teachers. Great value for the price!

Helen from Grand Rapids, Michigan

The baby artichoke trivet is so pretty that I framed and hung it on my kitchen wall! I'm getting the mushrooms to hang next to it. I can't wait to expand my ARTzbites gallery.

Emmaline from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma